The Fishing Newsletter for March 4th.

3-4-2016 Letter

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SLVR&GC Bylaws

The Bylaws for the Rod & Gun Club are available for download.  By-Laws Current October 29-2012

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Why You Should Go to the Range

Here is a recent article that should encourage range time.

Seconds that Can Save Your Life

There is only one type of shooting competition that only has a trophy for second place. The trophy is generally made of granite, has an epitaph inscribed on it, and when it is awarded to you, you are surrounded by everyone you love, crying their eyes out because you are dead. It’s called a tombstone. A gunfight is a competition, but it isn’t a standard shooting competition like those you see in timed shooting sports. Speed is a factor, but it isn’t the only factor. And there will always be factors outside of your control, such as the physical and mental state of the threatening party, his competence, how well we shoot under the pressure of a gunfight, and what we are doing while engaging our adversary to keep from getting shot (or cut, or bludgeoned, etc.). Some things, however, you can control, or at least prepare to control, and many of these involve speed and can be practiced. They are how fast you are able to present your weapon, how fast you can fire it accurately, and how fast you can reload when you are out of bullets or in danger of soon being out of bullets. Wyatt Earp, one of the most famous gunfighters of all time, is quoted as saying: “Take your time…but be quick about it! He is also quoted as saying something to the effect of “Fast is fine but accuracy is final”. The interplay between these two factors, speed and accuracy, is one reality we must always recognize, the faster you go the less accurate you are. (Click Here to Read More)

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Defensive Pistol Practice Courses

Many members including several from our ladies group have asked for opportunities to shoot in a way that makes them more skilled should they be faced with a self defense situation. The Rod & Gun Club has secured materials and will begin ‘IDPA Like” matches. ‘IDPA Like” means that the scenarios will be similar to those at an International Defensive Pistol Association Match but modified so that more members will be able to shoot and take advantage of these opportunities. For example, there is no category for .22 pistol in IDPA. We will have a category for .22 so that more members can participate. No special holsters or magazine pouches will be required and leeway will be given to folks that are just starting to shoot and may not have all the normal requirements.

Safety will not be compromised.  Ear and Eye protection is mandatory and strict adherence to muzzle control and finger control will be monitored.

The scenarios are designed to be a learning experience and a fun time. Those that enjoyed our handgun bowling will definitely enjoy these scenarios. It will create a minor level of stress as you will have to think,  shoot, and move during a timed scenario. You will become more comfortable with the operation of your handgun since you will have to change magazines in many of the scenarios.  It will simulate but never replicate a real life situation.  It also introduces you to what an IDPA match looks like.  IDPA is one of the fastest growing sports shooting organizations in the country.

There will be a small fee associated with the participation to recover the costs of the timer, special targets and additional frames.

We have attached the rules of scoring and the range commands that will be used during the couses of fire. SLV Pistol Match  SLV Pistol Match Range Commands

Watch your email notices for upcoming dates. Come out and enjoy a fun time with your fellow members.

Members interested in seeing the type of activities we are planning to begin, here are several links to videos that will show similar courses of fire to what we anticipate creating.  You will notice that this activity has both male and female participants.

To view other videos, you can search youtube for USSA pistol or IDPA or IDPA shooting.  There are both actual courses of fire and training videos under IDPA.

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Local FFL Licensees

Many of you have asked from time to time about local folks with FFL licenses.  Here is a list of some of the local folks that have active licenses as of this date.

FFL Licenses

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Local Rifle Ranges

Rifle Ranges

SCDNR operates three rifle ranges that are open for use during certain hours which are subject to change according to time of year, hunting seasons, etc. To confirm hours of operation, call the SCDNR Clemson office at 654 -1671 ext. 18 or for Palachucola Range call 803-625-3569.

Pickens County Range – From Easley, take SC Hwy. 8 approximately 4 miles towards Pickens. Turn left on Breazeale Road. Drive ½ mile beyond SC Dept. of Transportation Maintenance Shop and turn left on Porter Rd. Go approximately ½ mile, turn left at the red gate. The range is located at the end of the gravel road. Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 9 am – 5 pm (EST) or as posted Closed Sunday and Monday. For more info call 864-855-5747.

SCDNR James O. Thomason Firing Range- (Spartanburg Co.) From Pauline, take SC Hwy. 215 approximately ½ mile east toward Glenn Springs. Turn left on Foster Mill Road and drive 2.5 miles (paved road becomes gravel road). Range is on the left side of the road. Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 9 am – 5 pm EST. Closed Sunday and Monday.

Palachucola Range – (Hampton Co.)- 8:00 am-dark, Wednesday & Saturday except during deer & turkey hunts. Dates are posted at the range or call (803)625 -35 69 for more information.

Manchester State Forest Rifle Range – (SC Forestry Commission, Sumter County) Open Saturday and Sunday 8:30 am – 5 :00 pm, $5.00 per day or $25.00 per year. Hearing protection required. For more info call 803-494-8196.


US Forest Service Rifle Ranges

Cedar Creek Rifle Range – (Oconee Co.) Year round. Fully accessible to disabled visitors. Three of five shooting tables are under a shelter. For more info call 864-638-9568 or FAX 864-638-2659.

Candy Branch Rifle Range – (Abbeville Co.) Year round, sunrise to sunset. Five firing lines with left or right benches including one accessible to disabled visitors. For more info call 803-637-5396 or Fax 803-637-2273.

Beaverdam Rifle Range – (Edgefield Co.) Year round, sunrise to sunset. Eight open firing lines with left or right benches. For more info call 803-637-5396 or Fax 803-637-2273.

Fairforest Rifle Range – (Union Co.), Leeds Rifle Range (Chester Co.), Philson Crossroads Rifle Range (Laurens Co.), Indian Creek Rifle Range (Newberry Co.) Year round, day use. All have six firing lanes, left and right benches are available, including one bench accessible to disabled visitors (except Leeds Rifle Range). For more info call 864-427-9858 or Fax 864-427-3529.

Francis Marion Rifle Ranges – Year round, daylight hours only. Shooting tables, including one fully-accessible to disabled visitors. For more info call Wambaw District at 843-887-3257 or Fax 843 -887-3848 or Witherbee District at 843 -336-3248 or Fax 843-336-4789.


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Another CWP Class Completed

Your Rod & Gun Club has successfully completed its sixth Concealed Weapons Class.  Major Bo Willis from the McCormick Police Department came to the Recreation Center Saturday February 23rd and gave the classroom instructions and written exam.  Following lunch, participants joined Bo at the County Law Enforcement firing range for the practical instruction phase and the proficiency exam.  Although it was a damp and drizzly day, all participants passed with flying colors.  Congratulations to all that braved the elements and successfully completed their instruction.  This brings the total members trained through our program to 96.

Some of the resources that are mentioned in the class are in the following links:

A reminder to this last class and to the previous classes.  Your judgment needs to be clear when you are shooting to stop the threat.  There are several stories in the news recently where folks are not using good judgment when using deadly force.  Burglars fleeing your house or running from you are not threats.

Another reminder is that shooting is a skill that deteriorates quickly.  If you plan on being able to defend yourself effectively you must practice and be familiar enough with you firearm to make it work when the time comes.  We have not had a class where there has not been several malfunctions during the practical exercise.  Knowing how to deal with that malfunction quickly and efficiently could be important.  The value of practicing should not be under estimated.

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Attention Skeet Shooters

The SLV Rod & Gun Club has a group that shoots skeet almost every Tuesday at Hickory Knob.  We have a partnership with Hickory Knob and shoot at a nice discount over standard rates if you take your membership card and your own gun and shells.  All levels of experience are there and assitance is available for new shooters.  There are men and women that shoot with several of teh women starting through the NRA marksmanship program.  This marksmanship program is also available for the men.  For more information or to get your name on the mailing list for skeet shooting events and information, contact Pat McCarthy at 391-4023 or .

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Attention Sporting Clay Shooters

The SLV Rod & Gun Club has a group that goes to shoot Sporting Clays on Thursdays.  This group generally goes to Harris Springs Sportsman’s Reserve but occasions go to Pinetucky and the British Ameican Sporting Club.  The trip is generally accompanied by lunch and good fellowship.  We do have a partnership with Harris Springs where for a membership fee that varies slightly depending on how many members we have, lets our members shoot at a discounted rate.  They also have punch cards where you pay in advance t an additional discount.  For more information on Sporting Clays, contact Lary Rand at 391-4109 or .

Sporting Clays is a Family Sport

Sporting Clays is a Family Sport

Lunch before shooting

Lunch before shooting

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Attention Laides – Ladies Friday Shoot

For almost a year now, the women of SLV Rod & Gun Club have been meeting at the range on Friday mornings to shoot and fellowship.  There are over 30 regulars that come and practice their skills.  Some are simply shooting for fun but several are progressing through the NRA Marksmanship program for handguns and rifles.  Seven of our women have completed their Distinguished Expert rating for handguns and three have completed their Distiguished Expert for smallbore rifle.  This is an accomplishment they should be proud of since some had never shot a handgun before coming to our program.  The overall program coordination is handled by Sue Berger and the NRA coordinator is Beth Owen.

A few ladies are going for the triple crown and shooting on Tuesdays with the men at the skeet range.  Information on that is available on another post under shotguns.

Whether you are interested in a challenging imporvement course or simply want to come and shoot with other women, come out and join us on Friday’s at the range.  Look forwaard to seeing you there.  For additional information contact Sue Berger at 391-5678 or .

Pictured are some of the awards available for different leverls.

vest front vest back

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